State of the Art Tree Moving and Tree Removal Equipment

NEW! 100 Inch Big John Tree Spade

Now you can hire biggest tree spade available in California!

There are only 24 of these in the entire world and this is the only one in California!

  • Truck mounted 100 inch, 90 inch and 65 inch hydraulic tree spade trucks allow us to remove and move any tree without damaging the fragile root system. 
    In addition, the aesthetic beauty of your tree remains just as it came out of the ground!
  • We can handle rootballs that weigh up to 5 tons!
  • We can easily dig into the hardest soil to extract the tree.
  • We are able to maneuver into close quarters and can extract and transplant from almost any angle or direction.
  • This specially designed equipment also makes sure the rootball doesn't distort, which can cause severe damage.
  • It also doesn't hurt that we have over 35 years of experience in the tree transplanting business!